How to layer skincare ingredients

Many ingredients combined can make a heavenly skin recipe – others just don’t belong together. Mixing certain active ingredients can compromise the skin barrier and lead you down an uncomfortable path of inflammation, irritation and dehydration. But how do you know what does and doesn’t make the perfect skincare partner? Here we give you the […]

Beauty from the inside out : Why you should try a skin supplement this winter

Preparing your skin to battle the winter elements can be tricky. Unless you plan on hibernating the whole of winter (which is a little less enticing after a lengthy lockdown) then you’ll be facing harsh weather conditions and chilly temperatures most of the time you leave the house. What you can do though is equip […]

Taking Care of your Skin During Menopause

October is Menopause Awareness month and we wanted to shine the spotlight on how you can prepare your skin for the changes it may face during what can be a stressful time for your body, physically and mentally. Despite being something that happens to all female hoomans, it can still feel like a taboo subject, […]

What Are They & How Do You Remove Them?

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with blackheads. You’d be hard-pressed to find a hooman that hasn’t suffered from those stubborn little dots. They’re actually a mild form of acne and tend to cluster across your nose, cheeks, forehead, chest and back. But don’t be fooled by their teeny, tiny size – blackheads […]

A Nerdie Guide to Moles & Sun Safety

Holey moley, who knew moles came in so many forms? Brown, black, hairy, raised, large, small. They’re just as unique as the hooman who wears them. We all have moles, but do you know how to protect them in the sun? Are you regularly checking them? Just like our skin, it’s oh-so-important that we protect […]

How To Calm Redness

We didn’t order splotches of redness, yet it occasionally arrives on our proverbial doorstep, nonetheless. The absolute cheek of it, pun intended. Truth be told, there are many, many reasons for a flurry of facial redness: perhaps you over-exfoliated, have had an allergic reaction, or overdone the sunshine sans SPF (tut tut!). A stint of […]

What to Do About Lack of Elasticity

Our skin isn’t going to be taut, tight, and firm forever, and that’s a-ok, nerds. Ageing is a privilege, as is carrying a mini hooman, and any loss of elasticity and skin sagging that follows is completely natural. The same can be said for losing weight, as our skin can’t spring back into place after […]

Does Love Make Your Skin Better?

Is it a myth that love gives you glowy, rosy-hued skin? Well, studies show that being all lovey-dovey can affect your skin, mood, and sleep for the better. So, pucker up lovebirds in the name of well-rested, healthy skin! Hugging, smooching or getting it on (Marvin Gaye style) triggers the release of oxytocin: a neuropeptide […]

The Best Skincare Routine for Dehydrated Skin

If your skin is feeling tight, looking dull, lacking plumpness, and has red, flaky patches, you may jump to the conclusion that you have dry skin. Let me ask you one question – has your skin always been dry? If not, it’s much more likely that your skin is dehydrated. Dry skin is skin that […]

Expert Tips for Caring For Men’s Skin

Caring for men’s skin isn’t too complicated. If you’re a hooman who has had your other half nick your skincare then you’ll know that all skin pretty much needs the same things!  All skin needs to be cleansed, treated with vitamins and antioxidants, and protected with SPF from the effects of light!  Skincare is for all hoomans, but let’s think […]

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