Tom Arnold celebrates one-year anniversary of losing 80 pounds after 2022 mini-stroke

Tom Arnold says he’s ‘grateful for every new moment’ as he celebrates one-year anniversary of losing 80 pounds after 2022 mini-stroke





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Tom Arnold celebrated maintaining 80 pounds of weight loss in a social media post on Independence Day Tuesday.

Arnold, 64, who is father to son Jax, 10, and daughter Quinn, seven, sat at the table of a decorated home alongside his daughter in a picture on Twitter.

‘I had a mini stroke 18 months ago while I was giving my kids a bath so I reached out to [weight loss coach] @CharlesADAngelo & asked for help,’ the Ottumwa, Iowa-born actor/comedian said.

The True Lies actor said D’Angelo helped him shed 80 pounds by July 4, 2022.

‘I celebrate 1 year of good health & keeping that weight off,’ said Arnold, who plays the role of Norm Carlson on the Netflix show FUBAR. ‘I’m grateful for every new moment of my life.’

The latest: Tom Arnold, 64, celebrated maintaining 80 pounds of weight loss in a social media post on Independence Day Tuesday

Arnold chat last month with Entertainment Tonight about how he received a ‘wake-up call’ after suffering a stroke, as his lifestyle had ‘changed’ in a big way.

‘I got kids – my kids Jack and Quinn are here,’ Arnold said of his two children, who he shares with ex-wife Ashley Groussman. ‘They’re 10 and seven. And I realized, I better get in shape. I better do it.’

Arnold, who has also dealt with organ failure in recent years, spoke about how he remains aware of his health as he ages.

‘I think as you get older, you’ve gotten through some stuff,’ he said. ‘And knock on wood. I turn 65 next year, so I’ll get Social Security. And I stop paying alimony the day I turn 65. A lot of great things about getting older.’

The Jackie Thomas Show star opened up on his experience raising two young children while in his 60s.

‘Mostly it’s every day with my kids,’ he said. ‘Every day you wake up, and to also think, this is not unlimited. Like, I am 64, my kids are very young.

‘So, each day, you got to try to make that your best day with those kids. It’s money in the bank – the memories, the stuff we do together.’

Arnold said that he’s both very lucky ‘to be a father’ and ‘to be alive.’

Arnold was pictured on the red carpet at the debut of his Netflix show FUBAR in May in LA

Arnold was pictured in a social media post in July of 2021

Arnold went into detail about the January 17, 2022 mini-stroke to the outlet, saying that he initially experienced symptoms when he was giving his kids a bath.

He said, ‘The kids, with bath time, as you know, for kids, it’s hard to get them in the bathtub, it’s harder to get them out.

‘So, I do a thing, I walk in the bathroom, turn to the bathroom door, I count to 10, and whoever gets out first wins – so, they’re competitive.’

He said ‘at this time, when I turned back around, my eye, it was like a curtain came out of my right eye.

‘And I thought well, maybe I hit myself with the eyeball when I was counting. And then half of my vision came back, the upper half before I got the kids to bed. I thought, “Well, that’s fine.”‘

He said that he was scheduled to shoot a pilot in Alaska the following day, but stopped by his eye doctor before leaving.

The doctor ‘comes back, and shot some dye at me, and he said, “You had a stroke,”‘ he said. ‘I’m like, “Oh, no, you gotta be kidding me,” because you always think, “What will that …?”

‘So, you have to go to UCLA for 24 hours for stroke protocol.’

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