Missed out on the Mugler x H&M collaboration? Here are six ways to get the look elsewhere

FASHION FINDER: Missed out on the sell-out Mugler x H&M collaboration? Here are six ways to get the look elsewhere – starting at £28





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H&M’s designer collaborations always fly off the shelves, and of course, the Mugler line was no different.

It launched on May 11, and with prices starting from just £39.99, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything still available, especially since it was only stocked in four stores.

Oh, and Kylie Jenner, Pamela Anderson and Irina Shayk have all worn it already…

Of course, you could fork out a fortune by bidding on eBay, or with our help; you can emulate the signature Mugler look, ranging from corseted blazers to daring mesh panel leggings and leather trench coats.

So why wait? Start shopping now with our fashion editor-approved picks below.

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